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Viewing FlowCaster Streams

flowcaster swirl 200FlowCaster can send the following IP stream types: SRT, RTP, UDP, RTMP, NDI, CDI, WebRTC, WHIP, RIST, HLS Live, BLS, and ST-2110. FlowCaster's VirtualCam output can also emulate a webcam so it can appear as a guest in meeting sites like Zoom and Skype. There are many ways to monitor and distribute these streams. This article describes some of the available monitoring solutions and their features.

IP Stream Playback and Multicasting

ip stream types

FlowCaster supports a wide range of IP stream output types. There are various applications you can use to view these streams.

Some of the targets provide distribution to multiple viewers simultaneously so you can offer IP stream based content to a larger audience.

Products and Services for Viewing and Distribution

Here are some notable companies whose products and/or services can receive FlowCaster output streams:

amazon logo sm Amazon (AWS) can receive and distribute CDI, SRT, RTSP, HLS, RTP, and RTMP. AWS provides a trusted ecosystem for high value media content storage and distribution.
birddog dog logo BirdDog can receive NDI, SRT, and RTMP. BirdDog manufactures hardware and software products including converters, cameras, controllers, and display solutions.
millicast logo Dolby Millicast can receive and distribute WHIP. Dolby Millicast provides content distribution network services.
epiphan video logo sm Epiphan can receive and distribute NDI, SRT, and RTSP. Epiphan manufactures encoders and capture cards, and provides cloud services for collaboration and review.
facebook live sm Facebook can receive and distribute RTMP, and RTMPS. Facebook provides content distribution network services.
flowcaster swirl 200

FlowCaster Player can receive SRT, RTMP, and RIST. The FlowCaster player supports h.264 and HEVC using the SRT, RTMP or RIST protocols. FlowCaster players provide free monitoring of FlowCaster's output. Here are links to the download pages:

FlowCaster Player for iPad/iPhone
FlowCaster Player for Apple TV
FlowCaster Player for Android Phone/Tablet/TV can receive RTMP, webcams, and WebRTC. delivers a complete remote collaboration environment for editors and other content creators, featuring comments/emoji/telestration/chat interactivity, with session export to markers for creative conform.

You can go to the site and try it today:

haivision logo med

Haivision can receive SRT. Haivision manufactures video encoders/decoders, transmitters/receivers, video display solutions, and ingest, transcode, and distribution products.

They also offer a free player for Apple iPhones that can play back h.264 and HEVC, along with a selected pair of audio channels from the available audio channels.

kiloview logo med Kiloview can receive NDI, SRT, and RTMP. Kiloview manufactures a range of encoders, transcoders, decoders, and various hardware products for NDI workflows.
louper logo Louper can receive RTMP and SRT, and send WebRTC for distribution. Louper provides collaboration and review products and services for post production workflows.
obs logo med OBS can receive SRT, and RIST. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) provides free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
streamwell logo Streamwell can receive and distribute RTMP, and SRT. Streamwell provides collaboration and review software and services.
twitch logo med Twitch can receive and distribute RTMP. Twitch provides an online platform for viewing.
videoqc logo 3small videoQC can receive RTP, RTMP, UDP, SRT, RTSP, RIST, WebRTC, WHIP, BLS, CDI, SMPTE-2110/2022, and NDI. videoQC is software with support for full screen output, waveform/vectorscopes, closed captions, multichannel audio and optional SDI/HDMI output. View the product page.
vlc logo med VLC can receive RTP, UDP, RTSP, HLS, and RTMP. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that supports various streaming protocols.
wowza logo teeny Wowza can receive SRT and RTMP, and output to a number of webcasting formats. Wowza provides content management and distribution products and services.
youtubelogo med YouTube can receive and distribute RTMP, RTSP, and HLS. YouTube Studio provides media streaming services.


Stream Viewing on Remote Meeting Sites

your preferred site

Meeting sites such as Webex, Teams, Zoom, GoogleMeet, Skype, and GoTo can receive FlowCaster's VirtualCam output. In this mode, FlowCaster output appears as a webcam, allowing the user to show video in a meeting/remote collaboration setting that companies are familiar with.


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Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, and Copyrights

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