Net-X-Code Server provides a comprehensive and scalable set of tools for multichannel media ingest, clip/PFR/transcode, and output, and supports a wide range of industry standard file and IP stream formats. Net-X-Code supports capturing IP and SDI, and converting files directly to edit while capture formats.

The Media File Scanner add on for Net-X-Code is an add on that can scan local, network, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage drives and help to organize and make best use of all of your post production and broadcast media.

Media File Scanner

FastClip partial file restore uses a real time index system to quickly produce small, pointer files that track the actual media within almost any broadcast or post media file. These files are small enough to keep on fast, local or network storage, and alleviates the need to look at the source file tables/metadata/extra data.

FastClip - partial file restore

Use the site for real time group review of edit sessions anywhere in the world, with no render or upload required! Share audio/video/captions/time code from the editor's output in real time. The site features audio chat with webcam, telestration, text comments, and emoji. All participants can play/pause/cue, and react at any time to the content. Quickly create deliverables, brainstorm creative decisions, and collect input for review and approval workflows. Site - remote collaborative edit review

FlowCaster software uses a range of IP protocols including SRT, WHIP, UDP, RTP, and RIST to securely stream high quality video and audio with extremely low latency via the web for collaboration, review, live edit, and approval workflows. FlowCaster also includes a VirtualCam setting which allows the output of FlowCaster to appear as a webcam in remote conferencing sites like Zoom/Skype/Teams/Meet etc..

FastClip - partial file restore

For more than two decades, Drasticâ„¢ has been developing cutting edge solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasting, from real time web delivery to 8K broadcast.

We offer standalone software for the end user or enterprise, integrated solutions for automated workflows, and OEM tools for custom applications or branded devices.

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