Drastic Technologies Ltd

Drastic Technologies Ltd.
523 The Queensway, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M8Y 1J7, Canada

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Fax: 416-255-8780
Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm EST/EDT

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Technical Support email: support at drastictech.com

Drastic Logos and Branding

Our company logo suite can be found here: Drastic Logos ...and there are JPG versions and branding guidelines on this page: Brand Guidelines

Drastic Corporate Profile

Drastic Corporate Profile

Drastic Technologies Ltd, founded in 1991, is a proven industry provider of products for digital video capture, control, conversion and delivery.



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Drastic's Distributors And Resellers

Drastic's Distributors And Resellers

Drastic maintains a network of highly motivated, skilled, and resourceful distributors and resellers around the world.

Drastic's Partners, Suppliers and OEMs.

Drastic's Partners, Suppliers and OEMs.

We continue to develop strategic relationships with many of the industry's key solution providers. Here are some examples.


Selected Customers


For more than two decades, Drasticâ„¢ has been developing cutting edge solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasting, from real time web delivery to 8K broadcast.

We offer standalone software for the end user or enterprise, integrated solutions for automated workflows, and OEM tools for custom applications or branded devices.

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523 The Queensway, Suite 201
Toronto, ON
M8Y 1J7, Canada

Phone: +1 (416) 255 5636

Email: info@drastictech.com

Fax: + 1 (416) 255 8780