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How to Try:

Go to the product page and click the download button.  Fill out the form, download and install the software. To remove the demo restrictions (10 second media duration, watermarks, and length of run limitations) request a trial key with the folloing step:

  • Run the license application installed with your software (Detailed instructions can be found here: http://license.drastictech.com/)
  • Enter your name and email address and press generate
  • Email the site code created to us at authorization@drastictech.com.and let us know product you are trying
  • We will email you a temporary license.  Paste it into the license app and click register

There is more detailed information on the licensing process here: http://license.drastictech.com

How to Buy:

For payment, we accept Visa or MasterCard, or we can send you a PayPal invoice.

For a PayPal invoice please send us an email and confirm the following:

Company Name:
Street address:
City, State/Province:
Code, Country:
...and the correct email recipient for the invoice:

If you would like to pay using a Visa or MasterCard, you can fill in the Credit Card Form and either fax it back to (416) 255-8780, or scan and send a PDF to orders@drastictech.
Once we receive payment we can provide the permanent license. The license is single system, single instance.

Software Pricing

FlowCaster - $495.00 US
Send your app, the output of your creative software, an SDI/HDMI signal, NDI, desktop, Internal DirectShow/UVC signal, or ST-2110 out via SRT/RTP/UDP/RIST/WebRTC/RTMP/WHIP/NDI protocols, to a variety of monitoring sites and applications. VirtualCam sends FlowCaster's output as a virtual camera for meeting sites.

Support Option
We also offer the Drastic Maintenance and Support Program for 10% of retail price, per year. This option provides priority technical support, bug fixes, and all version upgrades.

Drastic Catalog 2023
catalog_piconWe offer a pricing and a brief description for each of our products in the Drastic Catalog. You can click the image to the right to view a PDF.
All prices in US dollars

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Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, and Copyrights

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For more than two decades, Drastic™ has been developing cutting edge solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasting, from real time web delivery to 8K broadcast.

We offer standalone software for the end user or enterprise, integrated solutions for automated workflows, and OEM tools for custom applications or branded devices.

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