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Verify your video media quality manually or automatically

videoQC - Automated and

Visual Video QC Tools

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Provides a real time, professional quality signal analysis tool

Network Video Analyzer

Measure Everything

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HDR Waveform Vectorscope Audio/Video Monitor

HDRScope: 8K-SD

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We are offring best Services Digital video capture, control, conversion and delivery.

These products are sold as integrated hardware solutions as well as end user and OEM software components.

  • videoQC
  • ccConvert
  • MediaNXS
  • MediaReactor
  • Net-X-Convert & Proxy
  • Net-X-Code


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Network Video

Drastic’s strength lies in its modular, field proven, core technologies for the manipulation of digital video and audio.



Key software components include: RS-422 serial control, VTR/Server Serial Emulation, real-time production HD-SDI I/O and high speed media file conversions.

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