MediaReactor Lite for Avid

Import/Export Plugin for Avid

MediaReactor Lite for Avid provides a limited number of read and write formats for Avid Media Composer and NewsCutter.


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MediaReactor Lite for Avid

MediaReactor Lite is a streamlined version of Drastic's MediaReactor. It provides a reduced set of file formats for import and export at a more affordable price. It is designed for Avid users whose workflows include the following requirements:

  • Read Camera Raw formats including:
    • Phantom Cine
    • Panasonic VRW
    • Kinefinity KRW (both stream and images)
    • Magic Lantern MLV
    • SEQ/SIV raw bayer streams
  • Read MOV QuickTime not supported natively by Avid
    • Uncompressed 8/10 YCbCr, Reference, MPEG-2
  • Read MP4 not supported natively by Avid
    • XAVC-S, HEVC
  • Write MOV ProRes, ProRes HQ, ProRes LT, and ProRes Proxy
  • Write Sony XAVC-S MP4

If you need file formats not listed above, please see the Workstation version of the Avid MediaReactor plugin set.  MediaReactor Lite supports any Avid plugin (AMA) compatible container, but the following Avid products are specifically supported:

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid NewsCutter
Extension File Format Codec Read Write
CDX Codex Codex raw bayer stills X  
CINE Phantom Phantom 10, 12 and 14 bit bayer X  
DNG CinemaDNG 10, 12 and 16 bit bayer X  
KRW Kinefinity KineRAW Compressed Raw Stills and Stream X  
MLV Magic Lantern Raw 14 bit bayer with PCM audio X  
MOV QuickTime (FFMPEG) ProRes (ProRes, ProRes LT, ProRes HQ, ProRes Proxy) X X
MOV QuickTime h.264/AAC X X
MOV Reference File MOV reference file pointing at h264, prores, DV, AVCI X  
MP4 HEVC, h.265 HEVC/265 X  
MP4 XAVC-S Sony XAVC-S HD/4K Cameras X X
MP4 MPEG-2 Sony/Canon camera X  
MPD DASH DASH Fragmented MP4 and Smooth Streaming X  
RMF RMF Canon C500 raw 10 bit bayer files X  
SEQ Bayer Raw camera seq bayer files X  
SIV Bayer Raw camera siv bayer files X  
STREAM S3, http/https Web assets on S3, http, or https storage, in the formats supported by the product licensed X  
VRW Varicam Raw Panasonic Varicam Raw X  

We offer plugin specific versions of MediaReactor Workstation installs as an economical solution to user workflows.


  • MediaReactor Lite for Adobe Premiere, After Effects - supports a limited number of common formats in Adobe - $99.00 US

  • MediaReactor Dolby Vision for Adobe Premiere, After Effects - supports the Dolby Vision HDR format in Adobe - $495.00 US

  • MediaReactor Workstation for Adobe Premiere, After Effects - supports Drastic's standard range of formats in Adobe - $495.00 US


  • MediaReactor Lite for Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter - supports a limited number of common formats in Avid - $99.00 US

  • MediaReactor Workstation for Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter - supports Drastic's standard range of formats in Avid - $495.00 US

Other MediaReactor Products:

  • MediaReactor Workstation for Autodesk Flame, Flint and Lustre (Linux & macOS only) - supports Drastic's standard range of formats in Autodesk - $495.00 US

  • MediaReactor Workstation for Assimilate SCRATCH, SCRATCH Lab - adds Drastic's standard range of read formats in Assimilate - $495.00 US

Codec options:

  • Cineform write option - $200.00 US

  • Avid DNxHD read/write option - $50.00 US

Support Option

We also offer the Drastic Maintenance and Support Program for 15% of retail price, per year. This option provides priority technical support, bug fixes, and all version upgrades.

End User License Agreement:  International  Canadian

Download the documentation

Download MediaReactor Workstation Quick Start

Download MediaReactor Workstation Manual


Download MediaReactor Lite for Avid

Available for Windows 7 or greater, or macOS 13 Ventura - macOS 14 Sonoma.

Version 7.0:

Win LogoDownload v7 MediaReactor Avid Lite Windows 64

Mac LogoDownload MediaReactor v7 Avid Lite macOS

Please check out a demo to confirm your workflow is supported. Once you are happy with MediaReactor Lite, delivery is effected via licensing.

Download MediaReactor for other platforms

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