Supported Audio/Video Hardware

vidhw chipDrastic supports a wide variety of audio and video hardware for products such as MediaNXS, videoQC and DrasticDDR. The current product families Drastic supports are AJA, BlueFish444 and Blackmagic adapters for audio/video I/O, and AMD or NVidia for video processing. For a more detailed list of hardware and versions, please continue reading.



Current Hardware


Kona IP, Kona 4, Kona 3G, Kona 3, Kona LHi, Kona LHe Plus, LHe/LSe

Io4K, Io XT, Io Express, T-Tap

Corvid 3G, Corvid 22 / 24 / 44 / 88

MediaNXS, DrasticDDR, DrasticPreview Pro, Drastic QC version, 4kScope 3.9~6.0.x

Current release driver (12)


Lust (no AES/EBU), Horizon2K, Epoch, Supernova, Kronos

MediaNXS, DrasticDDR, DrasticPreview Pro version 4.0.x, 4kScope 1.1

Current release driver (




Decklink series, Intensity series, MultiBridge series

MediaNXS, DrasticPreview Pro version 4.0.x, 4kScope 1.1

Blackmagic driver (10.8)

Legacy Hardware


Kona HD, Kona SD, HD 22, SD 22, Kona2

QuickClip Version 3.4.17 and earlier - end of life

AJA Driver 6.6.0 or 5.2.1


Decklink series

OEM DDR Only.  Version 3.4.x, Version 3.9.x, Version 4.0.x

BlackMagic driver 9.2

BlueFish 444

Deepblue I|O, Iridium | SD, Iridium | AV, Deepblue | LT, Wilblue|AV, SD|Pride, SD|Envy

QuickClip Version 3.4.17 and earlier - end of life

BlueFish444 driver version 4


HDStationOEM, SDStationOEM

QuickClip Version 2.9.0 and earlier - end of life

DVS Version 2.5p33 or 2.7p48


Digisuite, Digisuite LE

QuickClip Version 2.0 and earlier - end of life

DigiTools 4.6.1158


QuickClip Version 2.9.0 and earlier - end of life

Stradis Version 4


CineView Pro

QuickClip Version 2.9.0 and earlier - end of life

Vela Version 2.6.4



QuickClip Version 2.9.0 and earlier - end of life

VG Version 3.2.17 (2K), 3.1.4 (NT)