videoQC - File and IP Stream Quality Control

netxcode logosmallvideoQC provides a robust file player, offered at five specific levels for different aspects of content creation and delivery workflows. From a simple viewer to a fully integrated media asset quality assurance engine, videoQC lets the team confirm that their media satisfies all delivery requirements. Here is a general overview of this solution.

Quality Control from Simple Viewer to Automatable QC


videoQC has features that are unlocked at each level, designed to accommodate a particular aspect of the QC workflow. In this solution brief, we provide a general outline of each level's intended niche and its benefits.

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videoQC View

videoQC View is a robust media player, designed for quick visual confirmation. Does the file load and play? Are there obvious artefacts, or is the media ready for prime time?

View gives the operator the ability to play literally hundreds of file types, including all major industry standard file types. Ancient JPGs are supported, as are MOV/AVI/MXF/more, camera raw etc., from NTSC/PAL all the way up to 8K playback. It displays time code, lets you monitor the first two channels of audio, and features a range of display modes for various chroma key/greenscreen, clipping/edge, focus/false color enhancements to confirm the media conforms to your standards. Zoom and pan lets you get up close to those pixels, and looping/palindrome playback means you won't have to constantly replay when examining multiple aspects of a short clip.

videoQC View lets you quickly check files to make sure there are no glaring errors before it goes to the next stage in production. Its economical price means setting up another viewing station isn't prohibitively expensive, and they can be installed in multiple locations, wherever you'd like to view your media.

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videoQC Pro

videoQC Pro adds a number of important features that make it particularly useful for professional production and collaboration, including IP stream monitoring, hardware support, closed caption/XDS data display, and vectorscope/waveform analysis.

It has all the file support of videoQC View, but you can also view SRT/RTP/UDP and a range of other IP stream types, and can optionally view and output ST-2110. Full 16 channel audio support lets you monitor all of the audio channels present in the media.

The Pro version of videoQC supports output via SDI/HDMI using optional AJA, Bluefish444, Matrox, Blackmagic or USB boards. Pro also adds EBU R 128 audio meters, and Hex/Decimal video pixel data display for pixel by pixel examination of frames.

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videoQC Inspect

videoQC Inspect is designed for high volume media throughput applications, to make sure the client's work complies with delivery constraints. The Inspect version provides PDF reports for compliance and asset management purposes.

Inspect integrates into an automated environment with support for operation under RS-422 Serial Control. videoQC Inspect also provides file clipping and export to a range of standard file types, including MOV, MP4, MXF, DNxHD, and TS.

The audio routing is added at this level, so the user can create and save various audio routing scenes to accommodate varying monitoring setups.

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videoQC Workstation

videoQC Workstation enables full reference comparisons, where a compressed or otherwise transcoded file is compared to the original, typically high resolution source file.

It also features visual comparison modes to view the two files side by side, split screen, checkerboard, and a host of other comparison modes.

The Workstation version provides CSV, SQLite, and HTML reports for distribution to all stakeholders.

videoQC Workstation also provides the REST API. This powerful HTML REST/AJAX API allows full control over a videoQC instance from anywhere on your network. Commands include: transport control, time code and play status, audio metering, video preview retrieval and an optional full set of disk contents display and loading commands.


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