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Blackmagic DeckLink And Intensity Cards

vidhw chipSome Drastic software now supports the Blackmagic series of DeckLink and Intensity cards. Blackmagic has a wide range of current and legacy cards. This article lists the in house and third party tested Blackmagic cards and provides some useful operational tips.

Supported Cards

  • HD Extreme 3/3D - Drastic
  • DeckLink Duo - Drastic
  • Intensity HDMI - Drastic
  • MultiBridge - Third Party
  • Intensity USB3 - Third Party

Supported Blackmagic Driver

  • Version 11/12 drivers required

Supported Record File Types

  • AVI
    • DV25/50/100 HD
    • YCbCr 8 Bit
    • YCbCr 10 Bit
    • CineForm (licensable)
  • MOV
    • DV25/50/100 HD
    • Avid DNxHD 36/145/220
    • AVCi 100 (licensable)
    • ProRes (requires external codec)
    • YCbCr 8 Bit
    • YCbCr 10 Bit
    • CineForm (licensable)
  • GEN
    • YCbCr 8
    • DHDR
    • DV25/50/100 HD
    • Avid DNxHD 36/145/220
    • AVCi 100 (licensable)
    • YCbCr 8 Bit
    • YCbCr 10 Bit
  • YUV
    • YCbCr 8 Bit
    • YCbCr 10 Bit
    • DPX
    • RGB 10 Bit
    • YCbCr 10 Bit
    • CineForm (licensable)
  • MXF Avid OP-Atom (direct to Avid MediaFiles)
    • Avid DNxHD 36/145/220
    • YCbCr 8 Bit
  • MXF Panasonic P2
    • DV25/50/100 HD
    • AVCi (licensable)
  • MXF OP1a
    • DV25/50/100 HD
    • AVCi 100 (licensable)
    • YCbCr 8 Bit

For playback types, please see the "read" column in our supported formats list here.

Supported Software





videoQC (version 6 or greater)


There are some operational notes on the Blackmagic cards:

  • If you are using single link (one cable) SDI/HD-SDI signal and the card has two inputs (like the Extreme 3), do not connect the second input to a signal. If it is connected, the card will expect it to be part of the signal (e.g. a 4:4:4:4 dual link input).  In this case, the single link input will not appear when selected.
  • The external reference lock is automatic.  If your board has an external reference input, and it is connected, the board will lock to the reference signal. This will happen regardless of the reference setting in our software.  With Blackmagic boards, the reference select is a read-only status, not a control.
  • RP-215 is not supported with the Blackmagic cards, as they cannot capture the entire vertical blank area.
  • Closed caption I/O is not supported with the Blackmagic cards.
  • ARRI T-Link, Weisscam, LMP and other Direct Bayer camera types are not supported for Blackmagic cards.
  • SD VITC I/O is currently not supported with Blackmagic cards, only RP-188 LTC/VITC1/VITC2.
  • SD formats that require vertical blank capture are not supported.  These include, but are not limited to: D10/IMX and Avid YCbCr Uncompressed.


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