4KScope AJA Shared Mode

dt logo 1.5inch4KScope can be set up to share an AJA board with products like Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk Flame, Digital Vision Nucoda, Grass Valley Edius, and others.  This mode is available on Windows, macOS/OS-X and Linux. This article explains how it works and how it can be set up.

AJA Shared Mode

What it is

The AJA shared mode is a special mode that 4KScope can run in.  This mode allows another application to run the board, and while that application is running, 4KScope looks at the video it is sending, and generates scopes based on that. This eliminates the need for more than one video card, cabling and an extra computer.

4kscope6 6up

How To Set It Up

For occasional use in this mode, run the other application, then run 4KScope, and while 4KScope is starting up, switch back to the original application. 4KScope will see that the board is in use, and automatically go into shared mode.

If 4KScope is always going to be used in shared mode, there is a configuration variable that can be set to make it only come up in that mode. This makes sure 4KScope never takes over the board to use its input as a waveform/vectorscope. To set this up, run DDRConfig, select the Advanced tab and change 

/VVW/Advanced/AvhAL/ForceAjaKonaSlave = 1

DDRConfig 4kScope AJA SharedMode

To put it back to normal mode, set it to 0. These configuration settings should be done while all Drastic software is closed.

Try 4kScope now:  www.4kscope.com

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