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Native Final Cut Pro X Edit While Ingest

Adobe Premiere ProVersion 6 and greater of Net-X-Code and MediaReactor both support native editing while ingesting for MXF files in Final Cut Pro X.  

Open MXF formats are supported under Apple's Final Cut Pro X without any extra plugins, just using the native MXF reader in FCP. Normally these will be OP1a MXF files using XDCam.  Other codecs (DNxHR, XAVC, AVC1, etc.) are supported by Net-X-Code and may be supported by Final Cut Pro X.

Select a compatible Open MXF type in DrasticDDR, Net-X-Code, or MediaReactor.  Once the file starts writing, it may be loaded into FCP's bin.  FCP will update the duration of the file at fixed intervals.

A couple of settings will need to be confirmed:

     Do NOT "Copy files to library storage location", leave them in place

If you Copy the files to library storage location, Final Cut Pro X will copy the file in which Net-X-Code still writes the frames, and thus this copied file will not be updated.

This behaviour can be changed in preferences:

002 leave files

     Make sure that you have disabled all the Transcoding and Analyze options

In the same panel, make sure that none of the transcoding or analyze buttons are checked for edit-while-capture files. This is because Final Cut Pro X may try to transcode or analyze video frames or audio samples that are not there yet and this could lead to problems.

003 no transcode

Now, while the file is being ingested, you should be able to add it to the bin, and edit as it is growing.



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