Legacy hardware and software

VVCR Software - 2.4 Final

This is the last version released of the VVCR system sofware.  The disks are self booting and self installing for all VVCR models.

VVCR Advertising

This is one of the original VVCR advertisements from 1995.


The VirtualVCR or VVCR was Drastic's first Digital Disk Recorder.  Based on Intel 486 CPUs with a custom built Unix like operating system, the VVCR used Matrox video and compression boards to save high quality SD motion JPEG frames to a standard FAT32 disk or custom, shared disk operating system.


For more than two decades, Drasticâ„¢ has been developing cutting edge software solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasters, from real time web delivery to 4k broadcast.

We have specialized in integrating real time web delivery, 4K broadcast, file, baseband and network video into unified workflows.

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