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Drastic Quad PCIe RS-422 Installation (Legacy DDR)

Drastic logoThis page provides information about legacy DrasticDDR hardware. It is here for reference only, and all DrasticDDR components and features have all been migrated to our flagship product Net-X-Code Server.

If you need to install the Drastic Quad RS-422 PCIe Adapter to implement serial control to/from a VTR from our software, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the latest information.


Basic Installation Steps:

(Windows only)

[Note: we currently provide download links instead of a CD for the below]

  • Install the adapter in your computer
  • Install the drivers from the driver CD
  • Install the configuration tool from the CD
  • Configure the ports with the bootable CD
  • Restart and run third party software
  • Troubleshooting


Install the adapter in your computer:

The Drastic Quad RS-422 adapter is designed for a 1x PCIe slot.  This means it may be installed in any PCIe slot from 1x to 16x. It is recommended that it is installed in the smallest slot in your computer, as it will not use the higher bandwidth available in 4x, 8x and 16x slots.

Open your computer.
Identify PCIe slot.
Insert and secure.
Close the computer.

Install the drivers from the driver CD:



Open your Control Panel from the Start menu. Double click on Administrative Tools. Double click on Computer Management and click on Device Manager in the left hand panel

  1. Check for no drivers loaded
  2. Check for incorrect drivers
  3. Check for correct driver
    1. Make sure that the ports are assigned properly
  4. Add/Correct drivers
  5. Correct port assignments

Check for no drivers loaded



Here the ports are not installed. Only the single, built on motherboard port is present.

Check for incorrect drivers loaded (will require uninstall in Troubleshooting)

If the old MSPorts driver is loaded, you will see each of the serial ports under 'Ports (COM & LPT)' but there will be no 'Multifunction adapters' leaf above the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' (see the next image for a correct example). If this is your current setup, please uninstall the MSPorts drivers using the uninstall procedure in troubleshooting below.

Check for correct drivers loaded (If correct, port assignments must be checked)

The correct drivers are loaded here, with entries under the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' and the 'Multifunction adapters'. There should be four entries in each, and the COM ports should be sequential 5, 6, 7, 8 for the default install

Check for correct port assignments

manual config correct all

This is an example of a correctly configured system. The PCI Communication Ports on the card range from 5 to 8 and each Device Instance ID matches the COM# specified in the title bar. The correct matching values are:


04040000 = Cable 1 (should be COM5)
04050000 = Cable 2 (should be COM6)
04060000 = Cable 3 (should be COM7)
04070000 = Cable 4 (should be COM8)


If this is not how your system is set up, please correct the assignments as outlined here.

fig. Scan for hardware changes to find the board

fig. Found new hardware, do not connect to Windows Update

fig. Found new hardware, communications port

fig. Use installed Drastic drivers, or CD Drastic drivers

fig. OXCB950 Cardbus UART installed (1 of 4)

fig. Found new hardware for 16c95x Serial Port

fig. 16c95x Serial Port

fig. Install 16c95x driver from Drastic install or CD

fig. PCI Communications Port installed

fig. Correct driver will have 4 Cardbus UARTS and 4 PCI Communication Ports

Restart the machine

Correct Port Assignments

manual config details

To manually assign the com ports correctly, start by right clicking on a port and looking at its 'Details' page. Under Device Instance ID there will be a description in the form of OXPCIMF\*PNP05-1\040#0000. These numbers at the end describe the physical, or cable, port order. The IDs match the cable numbers in the following way:

04040000 = Cable 1 (should be COM5)
04050000 = Cable 2 (should be COM6)
04060000 = Cable 3 (should be COM7)
04070000 = Cable 4 (should be COM8)

Note the number of the ID and what com port it should be set for.

Manual config settings

Clicking on the Settings tab should display this dialog.

manual config advanced com port

Clicking on the Advanced button on the Settings tab will bring up the COM Port Number selector. This is where you will set the com port per the table above.  Do not worry if the port is marked 'Used'. Once all the ports are configured correctly there should be no conflicts.

Install the configuration tool from the CD


setup 1
fig. Select setup language

Setup 2
fig. Setup welcome screen

Setup 3
fig. Select installation path (please leave as default)

Setup 4
fig. Select Start menu group name (please leave as default)

Setup 5
fig. Installation summary

Setup 6
fig. Restart the machine

Once the machine has restarted, please run the Drastic 422 Config utility to set up the ports to their default position and state.

fig. Run Drastic 422 Config from Start menu

fig. Click the Set COM5..8 button

fig. Restart the machine

Configure the ports with the bootable CD



Removing old MSPorts driver

MS Ports uninstall
fig. Select the port to uninstall

MS Ports uninstall 2
fig. Confirm the un-installation

MS Ports uninstall 3
fig. Port now removed, repeat for other 3 ports

MS Ports uninstall 4
fig. All ports removed

The correct drivers can now be set up as specified above.


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