Version 5 Upgrade

medianxs logo approvedDrastic Technologies Ltd. announces the release of Version 5 of its powerful DDR software suite. With this release Drastic's MediaNXS digital intermediate retail software, its MediaReactor transcoding solution and the full featured OEM DDR software now benefit from new format and standard support, as well as new hardware support across the line.

MediaNXS digital intermediate software

For MediaNXS, Version 5 adds greatly expanded MXF support and now includes GXF, LXF, and h.264 file format support. The emerging 4K and QHD standards up to 60p have been added for greater compatibility with new delivery and emerging workflow requirements.

New video board support

- AJA (Kona 4/Io4K/T-Tap)
- Blackmagic (UltraStudio 4k/DeckLink 4k Extreme/Mini Monitor/Mini Recorder)
- Bluefish444 (Create 3D Ultra/Epoch 2K Ultra/Epoch 4K Supernova/Epoch 4K Supernova S+)

MediaReactor transcoding solution

With Version 5, all the new formats and standards are added for transcoding. MediaReactor Workstation's plug-in architecture provides this newly expanded range of import and export formats within your preferred editing package.

DrasticDDR full featured OEM software

With Version 5, OEM users of DrasticDDR software will be able to take advantage of all the additional features added to MediaNXS that are mentioned above such as the new hardware, file format and video standard support, as well as closed caption read, write, and transcode, and dolby passthrough.

Here are prices for the upgrade to version 5:

MediaNXS LE - Upgrade $99.00 US
MediaNXS HD - Upgrade $99.00 US
MediaNXS 4K - Upgrade $295.00 US
DrasticDDR OEM - Upgrade $995.00 US
MediaReactor Workstation Full - Upgrade $295.00 US
MRWS Adobe Plug-in - Upgrade $195.00 US
MRWS Avid Plug-in - Upgrade $195.00 US
MRWS Assimilate Plug-in -  Upgrade $195.00 US
MRWS FCP Plug-in - Upgrade $99.00 US
DrasticPreview - Upgrade $50.00 US
DrasticPreview Pro  - Upgrade $99.00 US

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