DrasticPreview Legacy Media Player

Version 7 videoQC available now.  Please see its page here.

DrasticPreview is a media player designed to support the majority of media formats used in the broadcast and production industries. DrasticPreview can play many, many different flavors of media files. It supports today's most important file types, and includes a number of others we've added over the years. This innovative software allows the user to view their files on a VGA/DVI monitor without tying up the native, or even compatible (typically in high demand) production or broadcast device or application. Play media for collaborative and review applications, scene marking and EDL construction. Play media stranded by failed or unavailable legacy devices or applications. Play all your files from one station, using one application.

The Player


The main GUI offers a full range of transport controls for forward and reverse playing and cueing, displays time code, playback mode, and file name, and shows a slider to indicate the current position within the clip. The on-screen viewer window may be scaled to effectively accommodate varying viewing requirements, including a full-screen mode.

Media can be selected through a standard browse approach, or dragged and dropped onto the display window. Once loaded, the clips may be played or viewed in various playback modes, including normal, looping, palindromic, RAM, audio-only or video-only. DrasticPreview provides a full range of keyboard/number pad commands for transport control, window resizing, playback modes, and to access the metadata, extended metadata, playlist and real time data windows.

DrasticPreview Skin

DrasticPreview may be 'skinned'. This allows the user to implement a custom or branded media player, as suited to the application. The user may create a set of images corresponding to the possible states of DrasticPreview's operation, with the user's preferred look and feel (and possibly the user's branding), and save them according to the skin editor's preference. The application can then be pointed to the new skin. Any number of skins may be created to suit various purposes, which the user may open as needed.

Real Time, Metadata and Per Frame Data

A great deal of information associated with the selected media is maintained and can be displayed in separate, dedicated windows. These can be opened and closed as needed; in fact the user may choose to locate everything but the display window on a second monitor depending on the hardware setup. Here are some additional DrasticPreview display components.

Real Time Data


* TC (time code) - Absolute position

* LTC - Longitudinal (SMPTE) time code and user bits

* VITC - Vertical interval time code and user bits

* DATA 0 user data or size (4 bytes)

* DATA 1 user data or pointer (4 bytes or greater) Basic Elements



Metadata associated with the media is maintained by DrasticPreview and may be displayed within the metadata window. There are over a hundred metadata elements with information addressing the many facets of each media file's existence, and in some cases the attributes of a selected track, or stream. For a complete list of metadata fields, see the Drastic Metadata page.

Frame Information


The Extended Metadata, or Per Frame Information window displays text/hex and key code/ink code and stats information.

* TEXT Data - User defined per frame text

* HEX Data - User defined per frame hex

* RP-215 - Audio/Video time code, Ink Code and Key Code

* Stats - clip statistics, including frames per second/dropped, output size, load and display attributes etc.

Time Code Display


To augment some playout applications, a large time code readout window has been implemented so that the time code may easily be viewed while a clip is being played, without necessarily having to be sitting directly in front of the monitor. The user may select between standard time code, LTC or VITC time code sources.

Closed Captioning


DrasticPreview supports 608/708 Closed Captions. The closed caption information will be displayed over the video frame when enabled.

Media Sequencing and Cueing

Play List


The Play List allows the user to set up a list of clips to be played in sequence. The Play List is not as full featured as the timeline in Drastic DDR and MediaNXS, but it will play through a simple list of clips. The Play List is opened by selecting the appropriate item from the DrasticPreview context menu. Clips may added to the list using the Add Clip browser, until all the required media is in the list. The position of any clip in the list may be revised by moving it up or down in the list.

A Play List may be saved in a variety of playlist formats, and opened as needed to play through media. Supported Play List formats include: Windows Media play list, Standard URL play list, MPEG play list, Playa play list, Advanced Streaming Redirector Files, HTML Page play list, Text File play list.

Go To


To access a known time code location within a clip, the user may open a "Go To" window and enter the location, then press the Go button. The loaded clip will be cued up to the specified location, ready to play.

Supported File Formats

Extension File Format Codec
4224 4224 YCbCr 4:2:2:4
AIFF Apple audio 16/20/24/32 bit stereo pairs
ARC IFX Piranha Audio/Video (YCbCr/RGB 8 only)
ARI Arri Raw 12 bit bayer
AVI Windows DVSD, DV25, DV50, DVHD, CineForm*, CineForm3D*, YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD, standard codecs
AVC, MTS AVC-HD MPEG-2 camera media
AVS AVS Video redirection (Windows only)
Audio: BWF, 8SVX, AU, AVR, GSM, HCOM, IFF, PCM, SF, SMP, SND, VOC, WVE Audio files 44.1/48/96 kHz 16, 20, 24 and 32 bit
CINE Phantom Phantom 10, 12 and 14 bit bayer
DNG CinemaDNG 10, 12 and 16 bit bayer
DPS DPS Compressed DPS files (Windows only)
DPX Cineon RGB 8, RGB 10, YCbCr 4:2:2
DPX CineForm CineForm*, CineForm3D*
DT3D DT3D XML 3D redirector
DV/DIF DV/DIF Raw DV files
DVS DVS Uncompressed YCbCr and RGB files
fhgDI, fhgDP, fhgAP fhgDI, fhgDP, fhgAP Weisscam digimag format
FLM FLM Adobe FilmStrip
FLV/SWV FLV/SWV Flash/Shockwave video
GEN GEN 4:2:2 YCbCr (Avid DSHD)
h364 h.264 4:2:0 SD/HD up to 80 mbits/sec
HDR YUV DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100**, RGB, Uncompressed YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD
HDV HDV MPEG-2 camera files
JS Jaleo 4:2:2 YCbCr
MOV QuickTime DVSD, DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100, DNxHD, CineForm*, CineForm3D*, RGBA, RGB-10 (DPX), YCbCr 8 & 10 SD/HD, standard codecs
MOV QuickTime ProRes, h364, AVCi, MPEG-2, XDCam
MPEG MPEG-1 4:2:0 up to 15 mbits/sec
M2TS M2TS AVC-HD camera files
MKV MKV Matroska audio video
MP1/MP2/MP3 MP1/MP2/MP3 MPEG audio
MPEG MPEG-2  4:2:0/4:2:2 SD/HD up to 80 mbits/sec
MPEG MPEG-4 4:2:0 up to 50 mbits/sec
MXF Avid DV25, DV50, DVHD, DNxHD, Uncompressed
MXF Digital Cinema DCI Unencrypted
MXF EditCam DV25, DV50, DVHD, DNxHD
MXF Grass Valley Grass Valley iCR
MXF Harmonic MPEG-2
MXF JPEG-2000*** Grass Valley Infinity
MXF OP1a/Omneon DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100**, Uncompressed
MXF Panasonic-P2 DV25, DV50, DVHD, AVCi100**
MXF Pinnacle MPEG-2 SD/HD
MXF Snell & Wilcox MPEG-2, IMX
MXF Sony XDCamHD, XDCamEX 4:2:0/4:2:2
MXF Sony HDCam SR 4:2:2 and 4:4:4
MXF Sony F65 raw bayer
OGG OGG OGG audio video
OMF OMF DV25, JPEG, Meridien, AVBV, CamCutter
QNT Quantel Raw uncompressed YCbCr images
R3D RED Red camera files
RBG RED BLU GRN Uncompressed RGB
RMF RMF Canon C500 raw 10 bit bayer files
RTIN RTINDEX Real time replay of CBR and VBR records while still recording
RTV RTV Uncompressed Video Toaster files (Windows only)
TGA Targa RGB, RGBA (RLE Play Only)
Stills Series of stills BMP, SGI, PSD, RAW, YUV10, YUV16, VSR, RAS, RAW, JP2, JPG - Series of stills (many others)
V210 V210 4:2:2 10 bit YCbCr image sequence
VC1 VC-1 WMV of raw wrapper
VOB VOB Unencrypted
VPB/QTL Quantel Quantel uncompressed YCbCr images
WAV Wave audio 16/20/24/32 bit mono/stereo pairs/extensible
WEBM WEBM YouTube format
WMV/ASF WMV/ASF Unencrypted/DRM Free only
Y4M Y4M YCbCr raw stream
YUV YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 YCbCr image sequence
Y U V YUV Multi file component YCbCr files


AUDIO specs:

8000Hz..96000Hz, 8/16/20/24/32 Bits, 2 Channels

VIDEO Frame Rates:

VariCam (1~60), 14.98, 15, 23.98/23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 or greater

VIDEO Frame Sizes:

Variable (60~4096/3112), 720/704x480/486/508/512, 720x576/596/608, 1280x720, 1920x1080/1035, 2048x1080/1112/1536/1556


Please note: DrasticPreview version 3 has been superseded by videoQC version 7

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