MediaNXS - Recorder/Player

Capture, Control, Convert and Output

MediaNXS software provides a bridge between the digital intermediate workflow and the real world. User directed, time of day, or set duration record directly to your preferred file type. Edit in Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer while still ingesting.  Import existing files for playback. Create low resolution proxy files via export for logging and editing, and generate full resolution conforms for downstream processing and delivery. Maintain project-based media pools and settings. Output via Drastic's robust VGA preview for passthrough and output video plus a range of signal analysis tools (vectorscope, waveform monitor, and histogram), with built in metadata display.

  • anxs_main.png
  • nxs_inbatch.png
  • nxs_infromfile.png
  • nxs_inrecord.png
  • nxs_main_clean.png
  • nxs_outedl.png
  • nxs_outfile.png
  • nxs_outtimeline.png
  • nxs_outvtr.png
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