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Input and Output
IP Video
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MediaNXS 4KScope DrasticPreview MediaReactor ccConvert Net-X-Code
HDSDI/HDMI capture and playback HDSDI/HDMI software waveform vectorscope VGA, HDSDI/HDMI broadcast and post production player Video editor media file read and write plugins Closed caption and subtitle conversion and decoding IP Video capture, conversion and streaming

HDSDI/HDMI capture/playback with control over an external VTR for pull-ins and laybacks, and optional VTR slave mode functionality.

Wave form monitors (RGB and YCbCr), a vectorscope, a per-pixel data view, histogram and Drastic's Luma Stick for video signal quality assurance, test and measurement.

VGA and/or HDSDI/HDMI (AJA/Bluefish444/Blackmagic) hardware output, EBU r.128 audio metering and signal analysis tools.

Multiple channel synchronized ingest and display.

Media file read and write plugins for Adobe, Avid, Assimilate, Autodesk, QuickTime, Apple and Microsoft.

Full transcoding suite including DTSentinel watch folders, client server transcodes.

Closed caption transcode, review and analysis.

Net-X-Code Enterprise including Net-X-Code, Net-X-Cmd, Net-X-Copy, Net-X-Streamer, videoQC.

FastClip Partial File Restore standalone server system.

All of our core technologies are available fully integrated into a Drastic Digital disk recorder.

Digital Disk Recorders

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Typhon DDRs

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Krayken DDRs 

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Kitsune DDRs 

Drastic's Digital Disk Recorders (DDRs) range from ultra-portable on-camera recorders to 2K/4K post production workhorses, and devices for most applications in between. Drastic DDRs feature wide compressed and uncompressed file format support including DPX, MOV, AVI, MXF, and TGA. Standard compression types include DV25/50/HD, AVCi, DNxHD, ProRes, MPEG-1/2/4 and h.264.  Up to 16 channels of audio are available in 16, 20, 24 or 32 bits per sample and can be saved inside the video stream, or as WAVE or AIFF files. Control of the DDRs is provided not only through a group of workflow specific user interfaces, but also through standard protocol RS-422 control (as master or slave), web browser HTML/Ajax control and remote direct network operation. Drastic's DDRs support industry standards and protocols to make them completely interoperable with legacy, contemporary and future devices and workflows.

Drastic DDRs Product List

Many of Drastic's core technologies are also available as SDKs or APIs for qualified OEMs. Build our features into your workflow or application.

Software Development Kits (SDK) and APIs

DrasticDDR SDK - use this SDK to provide your application with advanced capture and playback capabilities, up to a full DDR depending on your requirements, and optionally integrate custom features and/or branding

MediaRead SDK - use this SDK to allow your application to read many file types and optionally import them to a specified format

MediaReactor SDK - use this SDK to build our media transcoding features into your application.

MediaCmd Control SDK - use this SDK to build control over external VTRs (act as a controller device to enable pull-ins and laybacks from  VTRs and supported DDRs) into your application.

MediaCmd Emulation SDK - use this SDK to build operation under RS-422 serial control (VTR Emulation) into your application.

Software Development


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