For more than two decades Drastic Technologies has developed and marketed products for digital media capture, control, conversion, output and delivery. Drastic's current product line includes hardware Digital Disk Recorders, software capture and playout, closed caption conversion, media file read and write plugins, and network IP capture, conversion and streaming products. Drastic also provides many of these technologies on an OEM basis to qualified partners.

4kscope fp

Software Waveform Vectorscope

4kScope is the world's most powerful software waveform/vectorscope.  It includes:

  • Waveform, vectorscope, histogram, gamut, data and picture modes
  • BT.2020, Rec.709, CCIR-601 and RGB color spaces
  • AJA, BlueFish444, Blackmagic support
  • Windows 32/64, OS-X, Linux64

dp4 fp

DrasticPreview Pro

DrasticPreview plays all major broadcast and post production file formats to VGA and HD-SDI/HDMI for preview, quality assurance and output

  • Closed caption SMPTE 436, data track, SCC, MCC, SRT, VTT, XML and most other formats
  • Waveform, vectorscope, histogram, data and chromaticity scope, zoom and pan
  • 16 channel audio with RMS and EBU r.128 loudness meters

nxs fp

MediaNXS HD-SDI/HDMI Capture, Convert and Playback

MediaNXS offers a comprehensive range of capture, playback, import and export features.

  • Timeline, EDL, Waveform, vectorscope, histogram and metadata displays
  • RS-422 serial control, batch VTR control
  • MXF (P2,Sony,OP1a,etc), AVI, MOV, YUV, DPX, TGA, TIFF record/play
  • AJA, BlueFish444, Blackmagic support

supported fp

MediaReactor Broadcast and Post File Format Plugins

MediaReactor Workstation is a direct plug-in version of Drastic's MediaReactor file translation system.

  • Full MediaReactor file support (broadcast, post, camera raw)
  • Adobe, Apple, Assimilate, Autodesk, Avid, Digital Vision support
  • Flame, Lustre, Media Composer, NuCoda, Premiere, QuickTime, Scratch
  • Windows 32/64, OS-X and Linux 64

ccConvert fp

Closed Caption Conversion Suite

ccConvert Suite is a group of tools for converting, verifying and visually displaying closed captions.

  • Convert to/from formats including SCC, MCC, AAF, STL, EBU, SRT, XML Final Cut, YouTube and iTunes
  • MXF/SMPTE 436, embedded, MOV/MP4, MPEG-2/h.264, SEI, LXF and GXF files
  • Display CEA 608, 708, OP-47 and subtitle formats with audio and video
  • Validate and QA captions and subtitles

MR4QT fp

MediaReactor For Quicktime

MediaReactor for QuickTime (MR4QT) is a QuickTime component version of Drastic's MediaReactor file translation system

  • Integrates directly into Apple's QuickTime player and API system
  • Read files like DPX, DNG, KRW, CDX and VRW, MXF, GXF, LXF, WebM, SWF, Cine and MLV/RAW
  • Adds MOV codecs including AVCi100, ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed and MPEG-2.
  • Available for Windows and OS-X

web fp

Enterprise Network Capture, Convert and Streaming Suite

Net-X-Code is an IP network audio and video stream capture application with real time translation

  • RTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP streaming, capture, translation and display
  • Direct no loss conversion of TS, MOV, MP4 and MXF files
  • Auto-setup, enterprise communication and command system
  • Linux, Windows and OS-X support with mixed environments

ddr4 fp

Digital Disk Recorders

Drastic digital disk recorders include uncompressed and compressed SD/HD/2K/4K capture and playback

  • Local, NAS and SAN support for compressed and uncompressed files like MOV, MXF, DPX, YUV
  • Multi channel HD-SDI/HDMI audio video with SyncControl software
  • RS-422 command/control, network IP, HTTP and GUI control
  • Advanced on-DDR and secondary software set

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