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verifycc iconccConvert Suite is a suite of tools for converting, verifying and visually displaying closed captions.  The ccConvert suite is made up of three tools:  ccConvert, verifyCC and ccReview.  Standalone caption formats like SCC, MCC and AAF as well as subtitle formats like STL, EBU, SRT, XML Final Cut, YouTube and iTune formats are supported as well as most media embedded captions in MXF (SMPTE 436, compression embedded), MOV/MP4 text track, MPEG-2/h.264 user data, transport stream SEI, Sony IMX embedded, LXF and GXF files.  Cross conversion from any type to SCC, MCC and AAF for use in editing programs is provided, as well as up convert from SD captions to HD MCC and AAF formats.  The captions can also be auto verified and visually checked either in-stream, independently or as a sidebar replacement of existing captions.

ccConvert, verifyCC and ccReview

ccConvert comp2

 ccConvert, verifyCC and ccReview


ccConvertUI Win

ccConvert can convert between various closed caption formats, and between closed caption standards like 608 and 708.  Drag a video file containing closed captions onto the target area, and drop it. Select the output type. Set the location for the new closed caption file. To save into the same directory as the source file, click to select the Input checkbox. Press the Go button. A new closed caption file will be created within the specified location.

Here is a list of supported closed caption format types:

Format Read Write
AJA KiPro Mov/Prores X  
Avid AAF CC Data Track (708 for Avid Editors) X X
Avid Caption - txt X X
Belle Nuit - stp X X
CaptionMaker - cap X  
Cheetah - cap X  
Comma Separated - csv X X
Digital Cinema 2007/2010 - xml X X
EBU Sub Titles - stl X X
Final Cut Pro - xml X X
Final Cut Pro X - xml X X
Flash - xml X X
GV XML/N0 data anc X X
h.264/MPEG-4/AVC1 'user' CC X  
iTunes Timed Text - txt X X
JSON (various) - json X X
LXF Leitch/Harris CC X  
MCC 708 (MacCaption/PC-Caption/Adobe/etc) X X
MOV SD/HD CC tracks X  
MP4 SD/HD CC tracks X  
MPEG-2 'user' CC X  
MXF Avid embedded CC X  
Prores embedded X  
QuickTime Text - txt X X
SAMI - smi X X
SCC Scenarist (608 SD with 708 up convert) X X
SoftNI - sub X X
Sony DVD - txt X X
Sony DVD Architect - sub X  
Sub Station Alpha - ssa X X
SubRip - srt X X
Swift - sif X X
Timed Text - ttml, dxfp, xml X X
WebVTT/VTT - vtt X
YouTube - sbv X X
YouTube Annotations - xml X X
YouTube Transcript - txt X X

ccConvert also includes a command line version of the conversion engine for use in custom workflows.


verify cc

verifyCC will check and verify all supported closed caption types (MXF, MPEG, MOV, MP4, etc), including external pure CC files like SCC, MCC and AAF.  The overall formatting and each CC line/entry is checked, and any errors are displayed in the output text box.  Checks include, but are not limited to, header information, time code validity, preface, size, count and count matching, checksum, valid 708, valid 608, and many more.  The output can be saved or copied for further investigation.


ccReview is a closed caption and video/audio file preview and output system based on DrasticPreview Pro.  It supports a wide variety of broadcast and post production file formats, as well as all the closed caption sources listed in ccConvert.  The audio and video can be displayed on the VGA/DVI screen as well as out through an AJA video board, if available.  The AJA board also supports insertion of the closed captions as 608 line 21 or 708 ANC captioning.

cc from ppro

ccReview Interface


ccReview supports all the major closed caption types as well as all major video codecs, containers, time code and multi-channel audio with selection.  Clicking on the CC button selects the caption channel to view, but all channels are decoded and saved simultaneously so switching is instantaneous and show the text that would be present if that channel had been on for the entire play.  Attributes like bold, italic and underline are respected, as are font sizing, positioning and colors.  A seek control allows quick access to any part of the file, and the captions are decoded in sync with the current video based on absolute frame or time code.

 ccReview can view the captions a number of ways:

  • playing captions embedded within the video file
  • playing sidebar MCC/SCC/AAF/STP/XML/CSV/STL/JSON/SMI/SUB/SRT/SBV/SSA/SIF/TXT/etc captions with the same name as the main file
  • playing all support caption/subtitle files over black, without the original video file
  • load arbitrary caption files (both broadcast and subtitle formats) over a video, for checking different languages on one file

In the case of playing a caption file standalone, the captions are automatically moved to the start of play, and the duration is set to cover the total time covered by the captions.  This makes checking the file as fast and efficient as possible.

Typical Workflows 

  • Command line automation is available for Windows, OS-X and Linux 64
  • Command line can be driven by external application, watch/batch or web services
  • SubTitle Edit saved to SCC/SRT/STP/SSA/SIF/SBV ccConverted to AAF (MediaComposer) or MCC (Premiere)
  • MXF, GXF, LXF, MCC or AAF to SCC or a subtitle format for re-edit in SubTitle Edit 
  • Extraction of unsupported user data, SEI, h.264 captions for MacCaption/PC caption
  • Conversion of MCC to AAF for Telestream CaptionMaker/MacCaption Desktop edition
  • Pre-air checks of embedded MXF, GXF, LXF or transport stream closed captioning
  • Pre-server checks of sidebar SCC and MCC files

For more information on Drastic's closed captioning support, please click here.

MrMetadata Command Line

There is a command line tool included in ccConvert called MrMetadata.exe.  You can get the command line with

mrmetadata -?
or the parameters are here


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ccConvert installs in demo mode, with limited functionality. The full feature set of the software can be made available with a license. To obtain a license, please generate a site code and send it to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send back a site key which will remove the demo limitations. Prior to purchase, the key will be temporary. There is more information on the licensing process here:

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