Drastic Metadata Elements

chip metaDrastic software supports a wide range of metadata elements.  These elements are stored within the actual media files when available, and also stored in a side bar XML file.  Please see each file format's specification for its metadata.  The XML file metadata format is outlined here.

Here is a link to the DTD:


Here is a link to an XSL:


Here is a sample XML File:

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Default Metadata is stored in the registry when running under the Windows platform. For all other platforms it is stored in a file called Default.XML?. For Windows there is a system default in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and per user defaults in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. The sub key in both cases is:
\SOFTWARE\Drastic Technologies\MediaReactor\MetaData\Default


Metadata Sources

  • RP-188 (hanc SDI) LTC, VITC
  • RP-215 (vanc insertion), Video TC, Audio TC, Key code, Ink code, etc
  • SMPTE/LTC time code and user bits
  • VITC/D-VITC time code and user bits
  • Closed Caption 608/Teletext line 21 SD
  • Closed Caption 708 HD vanc
  • RS-422 Serial Control
  • Network and Preset Elements

Real Time Elements


TC – Absolute Position

LTC – LTC Longitudinal (SMPTE) Time Code

LTC UB – Longitudinal (SMPTE) User Bits

VITC – Vertical Interval Time Code

VITC UB – Vertical Interval User Bits

Ink Code – Film Ink Code

Key Code – Film Key Code

Closed Captions – 608/708 Closed Captions




Width – Width of video frame in pixels

Height – Height of video frame in pixels

Planes - Number of RGB groups (like Photoshop layers)

Bit Count (or, Bit Depth) – Number of bits per pixel reported in video

Compression – Compression setting - a fourcc usually, but not always equal to fccHandler.  Denotes compression type of frame

Image Size - Size of the Image in unsigned chars

XPels per Meter - Number of horizontal picture elements per meter (a width resolution description)

YPels per Meter - Number of vertical picture elements per meter (a height resolution description)

Color Used - For color tables, the number of RGBQUAD elements used

Color Important - Number of RGBQUAD elements that are critical to display

Reserved - Name of the Reserved Array

FCC Type - Type of Audio/Video FourCC Compression Code

FCC Handler - Handler used for the FCC type

Flags - Flags setting

Caps - Capabilities

Priority - Priority of the selected video or audio stream in relation to other streams in the file

Language - Language setting

Scale - Scale of the frame

Rate - Frame rate setting

Start - Delay in units for this stream to start before video commences

Length - Length of the video stream

Initial Frames - Amount of audio in the file before video commences

Suggested Buffer Size - Recommended buffer size

Quality - Quality used by the compressor

Sample Size -  Size, in unsigned chars, of a single data sample

Edit Count - Number of edits that have been performed on the file

Format Change Count - Number of times the file's format has been changed

Pitch - Video line pitch

DR Flags - Internal Drastic flags

File Type - Name for the Drastic file type

Res Drastic - Reserved array of Drastic DWORDs

Audio Type - Name of the audio type

Audio Channels - Number of audio channels

Audio Frequency - Audio frequency setting

Audio Bits - Audio bits per sample setting

Extended Metadata

File Name – File name as it was opened (base name plus extension, no path info)

Native Locator – Native path plus file name plus file extension

Universal Locator – (or Universal Name) Network path plus file name plus file extension

TCP-IP Address – IP Address of the system

Source Locator – System locator for file source, in UnversalLocator, NativeLocator, FileName order

Channel – Unique channel identifier, whether V1, A1, A2 etc

Channel Length - Duration of the selected channel in frames

Channel Name – Channel name

Channel Description – Description of the selected channel

Channel Poster Frame - Frame from which a thumbnail is created for the channel

Title – Title of the content

Subject – Content's subject

Category – Category content belongs in

Keywords – Keywords for searching

Ratings – Content rating for parental control settings, if rated

Comments – User free form comment

Sequence Number – Position of the content within a series of edits

Owner – Name of the owner of the content

Editor – Name of the editor of the content

Supplier – Name of the supplier of the content

Source – Source of the file, whether VTR, Betacam, Satellite etc.

Project – Project name

Status – Content status, whether final, proof, review etc.

Author – Name of the author of the content

Revision Number – Current revision number as a string

Produced – Producer company name

Album – Album name

Artist – Artist's name

Composer – Composer's name

Copyright – Copyright statement

Creation Data – When the file was created

Description – Description of content

Director – Director's name

Disclaimer – Disclaimer if necessary

Encoded By – Encoder's name

Full Name – Content's full name

Genre – Genre content falls into

Host Computer – Current computer hosting the file

Information – Free form user information on the file or content

Make – Company name of the equipment creating the file

Model – Model of the equipment creating the file

Original Artist – Original artist, if different from Artist

Original Format – Original format, if different from current format

Original Source - Source media from which the content is derived

Performers – Performer's name

Producer – Producer's name

Product – Targeted product associated with the content

Software – Software in use, whether MediaReactor, Drastic DDR etc.

Special Playback Requirements – If necessary

Track – Track ID

Warning – Content warning, if necessary

URL – URL link to site associated with media

EditData1 – User data

EditData2 – User data

EditData3 – User data

EditData4 – User data

EditData5 – User data

EditData6 – User data

EditData7 – User data

EditData8 – User data

EditData9 – User data

Version String – Content version

Manufacturer – Manufacturer name

Language – Content's language

Format – Media format

Input Device – For CIN/DPX, the Telecine name

Device Model Num – Input device model number

Device Serial Num – Input device serial number

Reel – Reel name from content's source reel/tape

Shot – Shot number or identifier

Take – Take number or identifier

Slate Info – Slate information from shot/take

Frame Attribute – Video frame attribute

Episode - Name of the episode

Scene - Name of the scene

DailyRoll - Name of the Daily Roll (edited day's run) associated with the content

Cam Roll - Name of the Camera Roll (spool of film) associated with the content

Sound Roll - Name of the Sound Roll (separate audio media) associated with the content

Lab Roll - Name of the Lab Roll (an assemblage of camera rolls) associated with the content

Key Number Prefix - Characters used to create a prefix for the key number (appears on film spools)

Ink Number Prefix - Characters used to create a prefix for the ink number (appears on workprint + soundtrack distributable)

Picture Icon – Small JPG frame capture used as picon

Proxy File - Version of content typically in low resolution for review

UMID - SMPTE Universal Media Identifier

LTC Time Code – Starting longitudinal time code

LTC User Bits – Starting longitudinal time code user bits

VITC Time Code – Starting vertical interval time code

VITC User Bits – Starting vertical interval user bits

VITC 3 Line Data – Vertical interval extra data 

Poster Frame - Frame from which a thumbnail is created for the content

A-Frame – A frame indicator for 3/2 cadence

Aspect Ratio – Video aspect ratio

Original Rate – Original rate/scale

Original Scale – Original rate/scale

Total Conversions – Total times this media has been converted

Version Number – Numeric version

File Size – Total file size in bytes

File Date – Date of file creation

File Time – Time of file creation

Sequence Number - Sequence to which the file belongs

Total Streams – Total number of streams

Total Length – Total length of longest stream

Film Manufacturer Code – Film code

Film Type Code – Film type code

White Point – White point level

Black Point – Black point level

Black Gain – Recommended black gain

Break Point – Break point for curve

Gamma 1000 – Gamma of media times 1000

Tag Number – Number used to tag content

Flags – Flags that have been set for the content

Time Code Type – Time code type for the counter/ctl

LTC Time Code Type – LTC time code type for the counter/ctl

VITC Time Code Type – VITC time code type for the counter/ctl

Prod Date – Date of production

Unique ID – Unique identification for the content

Custom Metadata Block Type – Custom metadata block type description

Custom Metadata Block Size – Custom metadata block size description

GPS Latitude – Latitude where this media was captured/created

GPS Longitude – Latitude where this media was captured/created