These installs are in 2 parts:

1. Drastic Software Base Install-4.0-<operating system>_<version>

2. Drastic DDR-4.0<operating system>_<version>

The base install will change infrequently and you do not need to re-install it when upgrading the Drastic DDR install.


Drastic DDR for Windows x64/x32:

Driver for AJA boards:

Drastic DDR supports version 12 AJA retail drivers



Kona LHi


Driver for Bluefish 444 boards:

Windows 2K~7 32/64 (Bluefish Release)


Drastic DDR Software (please check readme.txt after installing).


DrasticDDR Install 64 Bit


DrasticDDR Install 32 Bit

Drastic DDR for Mac OS-X

Driver for Xena/OEM-2K(e), LH/LS/HS(e) boards


Please use the 10.x release drivers from the AJA web site


Drastic DDR Software (please check readme.txt after installing).

Drastic Software Base Install (version 400)

Drastic DDR Program Install


Drastic DDR for Linux 64


Driver for Kona3G/Kona3/OEM-2K/CorVid/LHx boards (see aja_driver_install.txt in the archive)


RedHat 5, Centos 5 - 4.3.b24 (Drastic Release)


Drastic DDR Software (please check readme.txt after installing).

Drastic Software Base Install (version 400)

Drastic DDR-4.0-Linux-x64-Install



NOTE:  To properly test the Drastic DDR software you will need RS-232 to RS-422 conversion hardware. Please see our RS422/RS232 notes (click here)

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