Drastic Fall 2013 Updates

Drastic announces 4kScope version 2.0, TcCalc 4.1, AJA ships a public beta of AJA Control Room,  and Thunderbolt I/O support added.


4KScope 2.0 - Drastic Technologies Ltd. has improved its innovative signal analysis and measurement software, 4KScope, with the integration of several new features, such as raw data display, zoom and pan features, and new hardware support.

Read the press release: 4KScope New Features

See the web page: http://www.4kscope.com


TcCalc 4.1 - Updates for Android and Linux including support for 23.98 True Time as well as 23.98 time code.



AJA Ships Control Room Beta using Drastic 422 Serial Control SDK - AJA Video Systems announced a public beta of AJA Control Room, a unified cross-platform software for ingest, playback and output with AJA products across Mac and Windows. Control Room uses Drastic MediaCMD RS-422 Serial Control SDK to control external VTRs and DDRs for batch ingest and frame accurate output. AJA chose the direct link version for simplicity, compatibility and maximum performance.


Drastic MediaCMD VTR/DDR Control SDK


DrasticPreview/DrasticPreview Pro and MediaReactor Workstation Enhancements

Drastic's file reader plug ins have added more closed captioning formats, more MXF types and more raw camera support including Phantom Flex4K Cine and Magic Lantern Raw file support. The M LRaw format allows DrasticPreview to directly read and play raw files from the alternate Canon firmware Magic Lantern. MediaReactor Workstation allows the ML Raw files to be directly graded and edited in Premiere, MediaComposer, FCP, QuickTime and Scratch.




Thunderbolt I/O Support For MediaNXS, DrasticPreview Pro and 4KScope - Drastic I/O products including DrasticPreview/Pro, MediaNXS and 4KScope now support the following new Thunderbolt hardware:

  • AJA T-Tap
  • Blackmagic Mini Monitor and Recorder
  • Blackmagic UltraStudio Express
  • Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k



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