Mini3D Portable DDR

mini3d_bugThe Mini3D is a portable stereo RAW and HD-SDI uncompressed digital disk recorder and viewer designed for economical on set capture. It encodes in real time to all major uncompressed and compressed 2D and 3D formats including DPX, MOV, and CineForm. Access all the tools with the touch screen, including clip selection and playback, signal monitors, metadata, setup, view system performance and more.


The Mini3D is a compact 7.6"H x 12"W x 4.5"D designed for setup and use on any available surface, or to mount directly to a camera. Mounting hardware and custom storm case are available for on-camera installation.




The unit weighs 11.5 pounds with battery, or less with external power. Standard industry connectors are provided for ease of setup and operation.


The dTouch interface provides an intuitive set of controls and displays for clip capture and playback, signal analysis and review, metadata maintenance and display, and also includes a range of setup tools.


The touch and swipe functionality will be immediately accessible even to users without a technical background. Easily start and stop capture, select clips for playback and metadata review, import clips to your preferred format. View recording or playback through the onboard display, as well as built in vector scope, waveform monitor (luma/RGB), or histogram display.


The  Mini3D viewer provides a number of industry unique features including:

  • Largest screen (10.4”), with removable weather shield
  • Highest Contrast 1200 Ratio for deep blacks
  • Sunlight Readable with Brightest possible daylight viewing with an adjustable 800 Nit backlight
  • Touch Screen Software – Direct-to-disk recording and/or review for 2D/3D, SDI and Raw cameras

Configuration Options

  • Stereo HD-SDI recording from Panasonic, Sony, ARRI and other Stereo Rigs
  • Silicon Imaging Mono and Stereo 2K cameras with SI-2K, SI-3D Raw and CineForm 3D codecs and Live conversion for simultaneous Broadcast / Record

Output File Types

  • Native Support for MXF, XDCam, DPX, Cineon, DVCPRO HD, TGA, TIFF, BMP YUV, AVI, CineForm Raw, SI-2K & 3D Raw and QuickTime
  • Optional Support for AVC Intra, DNxHD, JPeg 2000

Software Features

  • Audio - up to 16 embedded audio (SD/HD), 8 AES/EBU audio channels
  • Clip Management - record, add, play, trim, remove/delete
  • Timeline - sequenced editable signal and file output
  • EDL - automatic creation, fully editable, save as various types
  • Protocol - Sony serial RS-422 (VTR)
  • Status - Audio/Video, system, metadata, status and error reporting/display

Hardware / Software Features

  • Rugged on-camera mount chassis
  • Remote Control by USB hand control with buttons with 4 line LCD and by WiFi connection
  • 10.4" TFT touch screen High Resolution 1024×768 LCD, optional weather shield
  • Dual record drives (SSD or HDD), configuration depends on formats to be captured
  • Optional Synchronous Record / Playback controls for multiple units
  • Small 7.6"H x 12"W x 4.5"D for easy hand usage or on-camera installation
  • Light weight 9 Lbs – using external power, 11.5 Lbs with 1Beyond 160Wh intelligent battery
  • Optional Custom Storm case