DTMediaWrite SDK

mediareactor_sdk_logoDrastic software includes extensive file write capabilities.  With the DTMediaWrite SDK, these capabilities can be built right into your software.  DTMediaWrite can be accessed on Windows, Mac and Linux in 32 or 64 bit.  All the Drastic supported formats are available including everything from internet level mp4/webm/flv to F65/HDCam/XDCam/P2 MXF, Cine/DNG/DPX and most other post production and broadcast formats.

DTMediaWrite SDK


The MediaWrite SDK components include the same extensive, robust file write capabilities available in our MediaReactor product line.  The interface links directly into your application allow you to set up, start and monitor file to file translations.  It is available for Windows 32, Windows 64, macOS/OS-X and Linux 64.  For most platforms it is a direct link library. For Windows 32/64, it is also available as an Active X component.


Write directly to the most important formats used in today's production, broadcast and scientific applications, including all the metadata, multi-track audio, multi-track video, time code, closed captioning and other tracks.  All supported formats, including IPB MPEG transport streams and series of stills (that would normally require conversion) are directly available for editing in third party products such as those offered by Assimilate, Adobe, Avid and Apple.

Customers (Selected OEM/Partners)

Digital Vision:  NuCoda, Pheonix

Assimilate:  Scratch, Sratch-Lab, Scratch-Play

Avid:  MediaComposer, NewsCutter

Adobe:  Premiere, MediaEncoder

Video Clarity: Video Clarity software and servers

Supported Formats (Partial List)

Windows Wave (audio only)

- Uncompressed PCM Audio

QuickTime Movie

- DV25, DV50, DVHD, YCbCr8, YCbCr10, CineForm*

Windows AVI

- DV25, DV50, DVHD, YCbCr8, YCbCr10, CineForm*

Targa Files


SGI Files


TIFF Files


YUV Files

- YCbCr8, YCbCr10

HDR YUV Raw Stream

- YCbCr8, YCbCr10

WAV Extensible (audio only)

- Uncompressed PCM Audio

AIFF (audio only)

- Uncompressed PCM Audio

DPX Files

- RGB10, YCbCr10

WAV Broadcast Wave Format (audio only)

- Uncompressed PCM Audio

Panasonic P2 DV MXF

- DV25, DV50, DVHD/DV100

Panasonic P2 AVCi MXF

- AVCi 100

Avid OP-Atom MXF



- JPEG-2000 XYZ 2.6


- YCbCr8, DVHD, AVCi100, JPEG2000-YCbCr

Sony HDCam MXF

- HDCam SR



Sony XDCam 4:2:0 (Old XDCam)

- MPEG-2 4:2:0

Sony XDCam 4:2:2 50 Mbs

- XDCam 4:2:2 50

MPEG-4 h.264

- XDCam 4:2:2, h.264


- XDCam 4:2:2

To test this SDK, please download MediaNXS.

Pricing for this SDK is offered in the form of a quote, based on the product you are making, its application and market, and projected quantities. All information provided will be treated as confidential and considered non-binding.

DTMediaWrite SDK Documentation:

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