MediaReactor For Assimilate

mr_4assm_logoMediaReactor Workstation Plugin for Assimilate is a plugin which adds wide file format read functionality, and wide industry standard write formats to your Assimilate products. This plugin allows you to read many file types directly within Assimilate Scratch and Lab with no out-of-application transcoding step, saving time and streamlining your workflow. This plugin specific version is available for only $495.00 US. The same support is included in the full MediaReactor Workstation plugins for Adobe, Apple, Avid and Microsoft version for $895.00 US.

MediaReactor For Assimilate

Open Files in Scratch and Lab

Drastic Technologies already provides many of the commonly used file formats within Assimilate Scratch and Lab products, as the Basic Codec Support package (CSP). This range of formats is widely accepted, industry proven and workflow tested to provide a robust solution to the most common applications encountered. In the real world of production however, common formats are just the beginning, and having the flexibility to use MediaReactor's full range of supported formats lets you get the job done, in the required format, with the least amount of down time.


Load just about anything into Scratch or Lab, on Windows or Mac!