Drastic's Digital Disk Recorders provide the widest possible range of input, output and file format options.  Drastic DDRs support SD, HD and 2K digital video input and outputs, as well as SD, HD and 2K analog inputs and outputs. Up/Down converters, multiple time code types and up to 16 channels of audio are supported.

Control of the DDR includes local GUI, serial control using Sony/Odetics/VDCP protocols, remote network control and HTML/Ajax control from any standard web browser.

Krayken 1U DDR head designed for network-centric multiple head capture and playback

Kitsune SAN attached SD/HD/2K DDR

The Typhon and Typhon 2 digital disk recorders

Drastic's digital disk recorders (DDRs) provide capture, control, conversion and output functionality for broadcast, production, display and content delivery applications.

Drastic Digital Disk Recorder Software

Software interfaces to Drastic DDRs

Video software for AJA, BlueFish444 and other video I/O boards

MediaNXS Digital Intermediate I/O software

Production and broadcast media file preview software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Multi DDR network synchronizer for Drastic DDRs and Video I/O software

SD, HD, 2K and 4K HDR WCG test and measure software for BlackMagic, BlueFish 444, and AJA video boards.  Waveform (RGB and YCbCr), vectorscope, histogram, data view, audio meter, safe zone with full zoom and pan.

Drastic utility sofware supporting DrasticDDR, MediaNXS, MediaReactor and other Drastic software.

Media File Translation Software and Plug-ins

MediaReactor Workstation translation and plug in system for Windows and Mac OS-X

MediaReactor Server - full format support, watch folder, workstation, SDK included

Network video stream capture, translation and re-transmission

Network video capture and proxy translation

Drastic SDKs and APIs for OEMs

Drastic provides most of its technologies as SDKs or APIs so that OEMs, developers and integrators may build these capabilities into their applications.

An SDK that allows you to create our own, custom function and branded digital disk recorder

An SDK to provide your application with operation under serial control (VTR Emulation) using Sony VTR, Odetics or VDCP protocols

An SDK to allow your application to control VTR and DDR devices via network or RS-422 Sony, Odetics and VDCP protocols

An SDK for media file playback with a wide range of file format support

An SDK to allow your application to read many file types directly

An SDK for file to file translation

Build Drastic's extensive write capabilities into your application


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Information about Drastic Technologies Ltd

Drastic corporate profile and history

Drastic Technologies Ltd, founded in 1991, is a proven industry provider of products for digital video capture, control, conversion and delivery. These products are sold as integrated hardware solutions as well as end user and OEM software components.


Drastic’s strength lies in its modular, field proven, core technologies for the manipulation of digital video and audio. Key software components include: RS-422 serial control, VTR/Server Serial Emulation, real-time production HD-SDI I/O and high speed media file conversions. All of Drastic's technologies use open, industry standard formats and protocols. This allows simple and seamless integration with other software, SAN/NAS and local file systems as well as traditional production and broadcast equipment.

From these core components, Drastic builds a variety of products, including:

  • The Titan Series production/broadcast Digital Disk Recorders with full VTR and Server capabilities

  • MediaNXS capture/control/conversion/playback software for AJA and Bluefish hardware

  • MediaReactor real-time and offline file translation software

  • DrasticPreview software for real time viewing of audio/video sequences up to 4K

  • OEM/SDK of selected technologies including VTR control, file reading/translation and previewing

Current Products

Titan Series

The Titan Series digital disk recorders are Drastic's third generation of digital disk recorders for video capture, control, conversion and delivery. The Titan Series is available in uncompressed SD/HD/2K in 8/10 bits YCbCr or RGB, in single or multiple channel configurations, and includes VTR Emulation and Serial Control support, wide previewing capabilities, import/export file transcoding, an editable/exportable timeline and much more.


MediaNXS software provides a subset of the Titans’ DDR functionality for the user of specific digital video hardware. MediaNXS software is available for (uncompressed) AJA SD / HD, Bluefish444 SD/ HD, and as a resolution-independent VGA/DVI system. Features include signal display and measurement, capture/playback, control over external VTRs, import/export file transcoding.


MediaReactor file conversion software allows the user to convert between dozens of digital media file types including streaming video files, high quality still image/ graphic and audio file types. Features include batch processing, an aggressive preview app, and support for a wide range of industry-crucial file types.


DrasticPreview is a skinnable VGA screen media player which allows the user to view a wide variety of file types via VGA/DVI output. It also displays a wealth of metadata and real-time information about the media file including time code, file type/codec, file name, Reel ID, Composer etc. The user is able to browse for saved digital media clips for individual viewing, compose play lists for sequenced clip playback, and run or save to disk for later review.

Drastic SDKs

Drastic Software Developer Kits offer a range of tools for the developer of custom video and audio capture, control and playback applications. Specific SDK packages include:

  • MediaReactor SDK - build MediaReactor file conversion into your application.

  • DTMediaRead SDK - Build MediaReactor file import into your application.

  • Drastic DDR SDK - Build digital disk recorder functionality into your application.

  • MediaCmd Control SDK - Control external VTRs and DDRs from your application.

  • MediaCmd Emulation SDK - Allow your application to be controlled via RS-422 as a serial device.

  • DrasticPreview SDK - View broadcast and production file types from your application


A few of the well respected facilities across North America and internationally we are proud to list as customers are:

  • Technicolor (US, Europe and Canada )

  • ByDeluxe (US, Europe and Canada )

  • Thomson/Grassvalley ( Europe )

  • Glassworks

  • Arri

  • Warner Bros

  • Fox

  • CBS

  • BBC

  • Univision

  • RTL

  • Philips/Luxoom

  • Alcatel

  • BWM/ICTIRT (European Standards Group)

  • ST Micro

  • Microsoft Studios

Some of our OEM relationships include:

  • SGI

  • VideoBank

  • Bright Systems

  • Microsoft Studios


Locations and Resellers

Drastic’s head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Drastic Technologies Ltd. has resellers and distributors operating in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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