Drastic Releases Version 6 of 4KScope and ccConvert

Drastic Releases Version 6 of 4KScope and ccConvert

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4KScope Version 6

4KScope now includes a waveform luma scope, chromaticity scope (601, 709, P3, 2020), audio loudness monitoring, and a full set of audio scopes (waveform, phase, vector and histogram).  Along with AJA and Bluefish444 boards, more restricted options like Blackmagic, Inogeni and the AJA U-Tap are also supported.

We also now support HDR10/ST.2084 and BT.2020 WCG including P3 chromaticity and SDR downconvert for monitoring.  We have added hold and compare modes, designed for comparing different cameras, and the ability to save the signal and scopes as raw YCbCr or JPEG.


90 seconds with 4KScope


ccConvert Version 6

ccConvert has been extracting closed captions from almost any kind of file for over five years.  Version 6 adds embedding those captions back into MXF, MOV, and MP4 files.  The audio/video source can be rewrapped with the captions, or MOV - ProRes, DVCPro, Uncompressed, H.264; MP4 - H.264; MXF - Sony XDCAM, OP1a AVCi/DVHD/MPEG-2, HDF MPEG2, DPP AVCi/IMX can all be encoded from any source.  Command line extraction and embedding tools are also included.

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