Drastic Summer 2013 Software Updates

Drastic Summer 2013 Updates:  Reprising the TcCalc for Android and Linux 64 release, we add support for Adobe CC, DrasticPreview Pro now includes DVI support and various new file formats are available.


Here is a quick update on what's happening at Drastic


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TCCalc - a free time code calculator, is now available for Android and Linux 64 as well as Windows and OS-X, at: www.tccalc.com


Adobe Creative Cloud - is now supported for MediaReactor Workstation Windows 64 and OS-X. This includes edit while record from DrasticDDR and MediaNXS, Avid/Panasonic/Sony/DCI MXF output and ProRes MOV export under Windows.


DrasticPreview Pro - is now available for DVI use. The latest update of DrasticPreview Pro no longer requires a hardware output board. Playback features like waveform/vector scope, histogram, raw video data view, EBU R128 audio metering and safe zone markers are all available on laptops and other machines that cannot support a separate AJA, BlueFish444 or Blackmagic video board.


DrasticPreview for pre-air QA - Corus Entertainment has chosen DrasticPreview for its quality assurance department. Closed caption display, selectable audio channels and the ability to run on older machines made DrasticPreview an easy choice.


New File Support - SGO Mistika - the new updates of all our software support the Mistika JS file format up to 4K. The previous SD/HD JS for Jaleo is also still supported.

Sony F5, F55, F65 and F700 raw support has been added.

Front Porch Digital JPEG-2000 MXF archive files are now supported as well.

Closed caption from MPEG-2 user space in MXF, MOV and program/transport streams are all supported.

MediaNXS now supports Sony Native XDCam captures. Use your DrasticDDR or MediaNXS captured Sony XDCam 50 MBit 4:2:2 MXF file with Sony software tools like the MediaComposer AMA or directly in Adobe Premiere/FCP.


Thanks for reading, and have a great summer. Drastic

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