Version 5 Release

Drastic announces the version 5 release of MediaNXS, DrasticPreview, MediaReactor and DrasticDDR. We add support for a wide range of MXF files, GXF, LXF, XAVC-S at 4K/QHD, and 10 bit. New hardware supported, and dolby passthrough are introduced.


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Version 5 Products

Transcoding Solution
VGA/DVI Media Player
Pro Media Player

Drastic Technologies Information

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Expanded MXF Support

Drastic now has the widest MXF read support in the industry. Everything from XD/HDCam, XAVC to Avid OP-Atom/Everywhere/AMT, Pinnacle, Omneon, P2, AS-02, IMF, EditCam, Sony Raw and many more are supported across all of our products.


Play back of more formats then ever before, to your VGA monitor and/or your AJA, BlueFish444 or Decklink/Blackmagic card. GXF, LXF, XAVC-S, WMV and MKV on all three platforms. More h.264 file formats supported within MediaNXS and DrasticDDR including 4K/QHD and 10 bit. Playback and output is included within DrasticPreview and DrasticPreview Pro. Import and edit in your favourite editor with MediaReactor Workstation plugins.

4K and QHD Support

Most productions now include at least some 4K and QHD formatted media. These formats are supported in hardware and software with our version 5 release, alongside all the formats you are already using in your workflow.

New Hardware Support

AJA Video Kona 4, Io4K, T-Tap

Bluefish444 Create 3D Ultra, Epoch 2K Ultra, Epoch 4K Supernova, Epoch Supernova S+

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K, Decklink 4K Extreme, Mini Monitor, Mini Recorder


Dolby Passthrough

MediaNXS, DrasticDDR and DrasticPreview Pro provide your AJA, Bluefish444 or Blackmagic system with support for dolby passthrough. Capturing and playing compressed audio is now standard in version 5.

Get In Touch With Drastic

Would you like information about our capture, control, conversion and output products? Want to check out a demo of our software? Request a quote? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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