kraykenbugThe Krayken is a multi-channel compressed HD digital disk recorder solution with up to 12 single rack unit input/output heads.  Files are created in standard formats available for replay or editing on a shared NAS.  The Krayken features comprehensive local, network and serial control for ease of integration.

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kitsunebugThe Kitsune digital disk recorder is an uncompressed HD capture and playout system for high end post production SAN applications.  The Kitsune may be equipped with internal drives for local cache and use the network to share and deliver files, or set up with a Fibre Channel HBA for integration within a SAN collaborative environment. Use the Kitsune for recording and playout, import/export, signal review, metadata maintenance and timeline/EDL creation.

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mini3d_bugThe Mini3D is a portable stereo RAW and HD-SDI uncompressed digital disk recorder and viewer designed for economical on set capture. It encodes in real time to all major uncompressed and compressed 2D and 3D formats including DPX, MOV, and CineForm. Access all the tools with the touch screen, including clip selection and playback, signal monitors, metadata, setup, view system performance and more.

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typhonbugThe Typhon digital disk recorder is a single or dual headed capture, transcode and playout system for high end post productions applications ranging from SD and HD to 4K workflows, with industry standard SAN support including Bright, SGI, CXFS, MetaSAN or StorNext. This high end DDR provides the most powerful hardware set and supports the widest range of features, formats and standards offered in a Drastic DDR.

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