Network Based Control

The DDR being controlled will have a Drastic DDR application running to activate the DDR service. Opening a browser, the user inputs the IP address of the DDR to be controlled. This opens the below interface:




The clip bin or EDL is displayed to allow the user to select, or load media for output. The transport controls present in the interface will play and shuttle through loaded media on the DDR. Multiple browsers may be opened to control the functions on more than one DDR.

  • Real time time code, status, channel presets and warnings
  • Full transport control of DDR and attached VTRs
  • Clip and EDL listing with icons and metadata
  • Full, secure remote disk access
  • Multi DDR monitoring
  • Optional FTP access
  • Full control of the DDR from HTML/Ajax/Perl/PHP/etc
  • Fully user customizable