Business Continuity and Contingency

We at Drastic take the safety and well-being of our customers and employees very seriously.  We will endeavour to maintain our normal high level of support and continue to deliver our products with a minimum of delay.  However, due to potential quarantines and other interruptions that may arise from the COVID-19 outbreak, we suggest that all communication is made via email, to allow us to better direct and respond, even while we may not be in the office.

Free Use of Our Tools for Those Working from Home

As many will now be working from home, Drastic Technologies is offering free 3-month licenses for all existing customers as well as those that can use our media content creation tools to make working at home easier. This includes videoQC, HDRScope/4kScope, MediaReactor for Avid and Adobe, and even Net-X-Code (which can be run on Windows as well as Linux). Please download and install the software you need, follow the licensing instructions and contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a temporary license.

MediaReactor for Avid and Adobe provide extended file import and export access from directly with your creative tools. This includes camera raw formats, uncompressed, MOV/MP4 with time code, and HEVC compressed files.

Drastic's 4kScope and HDRScope signal analysis software provide the most cost effective, pixel accurate set of scopes for editors, camera/audio technicians, and colorists, and ensuring the best possible independent confirmation of deliverables in SD, HD, P3, HDR, HLG and WCG formats.

We also provide a full range of scopes in our file based videoQC software, along with analysis and reports, full reference comparison including all video, audio, metadata and time code data.

Net-X-Code is a scalable capture/playout/transcode server with IP (RTP/UDP/RTSP), SDI (HD/3G/12G), NDI and SMPTE 2110/2022 capture and playback, featuring proxy creation, transcoding, file re-wrapping, edit while record, partial file restore and clipping, and much more.


Drastic Technologies Releases MediaReactor Lite for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Toronto, ON April 4, 2018

Drastic Technologies today announced the release of the MediaReactor Lite plugin for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud®. MediaReactor Lite provides access to the most requested range of file formats directly from within Adobe without additional import or conversion.

This plugin is designed to provide access to camera raw formats like Canon CRM, Phantom CINE, Kinefinity KRW (both sequence and stream), Codex CDX and Magic Lantern MLV. MediaReactor Lite also replaces the dated Apple QuickTime layer, providing support for all of the most popular MOV and MP4 codecs that QuickTime used to supply. These include component, video, animation, MJPG A/B, BMP/PNG/TIFF/TGA, JFIF, JPEG-2000, HEVC/H.264, 8/10 bit H.264, and QuickTime reference movies. MediaReactor Lite also lets you export to Sony XAVC-S, H.264/AAC MPEG-4, and all the most important broadcast and post production MOV formats.

MediaReactor Lite for Adobe builds on our 20 years of excellence in the MediaReactor suite of transcoding products,” said James Brooks, CTO, Drastic Technologies Ltd. “The Lite version for Adobe enhances editing workflows by providing seamless access to a critical set of modern and legacy file formats.”

MediaReactor Lite is priced at $99.00 US, but is on sale for a limited time at 15% off, at $84.00 US. The product is available immediately. Delivery is via download and licensing.

To download a demo, go to: adobe.drastic.video

Or view the MediaReactor Lite product page for more information.

See MR Lite, videoQC 2018, 4KScope 2018, ccConvert, MediaNXS, Net-X-Code and more during NAB 2018 at the Bluefish444 booth #SL9021

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Drastic Releases Version 6 of 4KScope and ccConvert

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4KScope Version 6

4KScope now includes a waveform luma scope, chromaticity scope (601, 709, P3, 2020), audio loudness monitoring, and a full set of audio scopes (waveform, phase, vector and histogram).  Along with AJA and Bluefish444 boards, more restricted options like Blackmagic, Inogeni and the AJA U-Tap are also supported.

We also now support HDR10/ST.2084 and BT.2020 WCG including P3 chromaticity and SDR downconvert for monitoring.  We have added hold and compare modes, designed for comparing different cameras, and the ability to save the signal and scopes as raw YCbCr or JPEG.


90 seconds with 4KScope


ccConvert Version 6

ccConvert has been extracting closed captions from almost any kind of file for over five years.  Version 6 adds embedding those captions back into MXF, MOV, and MP4 files.  The audio/video source can be rewrapped with the captions, or MOV - ProRes, DVCPro, Uncompressed, H.264; MP4 - H.264; MXF - Sony XDCAM, OP1a AVCi/DVHD/MPEG-2, HDF MPEG2, DPP AVCi/IMX can all be encoded from any source.  Command line extraction and embedding tools are also included.

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523 The Queensway, Suite 102, Toronto, ON, M8Y 1J7

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TestVid selects Drastic software to complement their pristine, uncompressed test videos. The Tool Set includes DrasticPreview Pro for AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic hardware output, and MediaReactor transcoding to a range of industry standard formats.

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Drastic announces Hurricane Sports Replay and AJA IO4K support. Provides multichannel acquisition and replay, with clip creation, editing during record, playlist creation and export, customizable significant play filtering among other features. Also adding the easily integrated AJA IO4K board for true 4K capture.

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Drastic adds support for easyDCP, closed caption conversion, OpenCL GPU support and JPEG-2000 MXF recording. We add DCP/DCI for editors, new ccConvert with display, verification and transcoding/conversion, under the hood improvements and improved 4KScope capabilities.

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Drastic announces the version 5 release of MediaNXS, DrasticPreview, MediaReactor and DrasticDDR. We add support for a wide range of MXF files, GXF, LXF, XAVC-S at 4K/QHD, and 10 bit. New hardware supported, and dolby passthrough are introduced.

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Drastic adds EBU, SoftNI, YouTube, iTunes, Timed Text, SubStation Alpha, Digital Cinema (2007/2010) and XML/CSV/JSON/Text closed caption formats.  MediaReactor and DTMediaRead add Kinefinity DNG and KRW raw support.  Nexidia selects Drastic DTMediaRead for its server based dialog search and access platform.

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Drastic Technologies announces the release of the Pro version 5 of its widely acclaimed DrasticPreview™ media player for Windows and OS-X. New features include AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic HD-SDI hardware support, signal and data analysis tools, 16 channel audio, closed caption output and EBU R128 loudness monitoring.

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Introducing Panasonic Varicam 444/LT providing up to120fps for sports and VFX productions, MediaReactor for QuickTime to add read and write formats as a QuickTime component, and DrasticPreview Pro can now play IMF, D-Cinema, Log/EDL and more.

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Drastic Technologies 4KScope New Features. This release introduces raw data mode in hex or decimal in YCbCr 8, YCbCr 10, RGB 8 or RGBA 10 pixel values, 8 bit source detection in 10 bit mode, plus zoom and pan in picture mode, and zoom into vectorscope and waveform monitor luma views.

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Drastic announces 4KScope version 2 with OP-47, BT.2020, hold and compare mode and enhanced Data View.  GXF Reader version 2.0 release features multichannel audio, packet search, time code, closed caption and file format additions.

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Drastic Technologies announces version 4.2 of MediaNXS Digital Intermediate I/O software.  AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic hardware support added to this highly flexible digital intermediate software. Provides capture and output, import and export, signal analysis tools, and will control an external VTR for laybacks and pullins.

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