sdiScope is full featured audio and video test and measurement software for signals from SD to HD 1080p60. sdiScope supports most of the features of 4KScope, but is designed to be more cost effective for those only needing SD and HD measurement.  It works with most major video capture cards on both Windows and macOS/OS-X.


sdiScope/hdmiScope Software


Fully Compatible With Your Existing Hardware

sdiScope not only supports advanced PCIe and thunderbolt capture cards from AJA, BlueFish444 and Blackmagic, it also supports USB-3 capture devices from a wide variety of companies including Blackmagic UltraScope hardware. sdiScope has been optimized to take advantage of direct APIs where available, or it can use the built in capture APIs of Windows or macOS to connect.

All Your Favorite Scopes And More

All of the industry standard waveform and vectorscopes are included, as well as Chromaticity, RGB Histogram, Video HEX View, Audio Wave, Audio Histogram and Video Status views.  Loudness metering, line select, image freeze, compare and save are also included. There are also more layout options, and the interface can be scaled to make use of any size screen, from 1024x768 to 8K.

sdiScope 8scopes

  • Picture - Safe markers for Action, Graphics and Picture.  
  • View assist modes -
    • Luma, Red/Green/Blue Only
    • Luma Zebra, Chroma Zebra, Over/Under clipping
    • Focus assist, Luma weighted
    • Chroma key, Green/Bluescreen, Luma key
    • Saturation, brightness, contrast, color balance
  • Vectorscope - Markers for 75 and 100%, skin line, hue vectors, zoom and pan.
  • Waveform - YCbCr waveform, parade view, luma only, zoom and pan.
  • Waveform RGB - Red, green, blue waveform, parade view, zoom and pan.
  • Histogram - Luma only or separate red, green and blue.
  • Chromaticity - Full range with triangles for 601, 709, P3 and BT.2020.
  • Status Page - Range checks for luma and both chroma channels, line repetition, broadcast illegal and audio levels.
  • Audio Vector - Lissajousxy, lissajous and polar.  
  • Audio Phase - Horizontal phase level
  • Audio Wave - Stereo waveform display
  • Audio Histogram - Linear/Log scaled to Linear, Square Root, Cube Root, Log and Reverse Log.
  • Audio Meters - Peak/RMS, Loudness 1194/EBU +9 or +18
  • Raw Value Display - Raw hex or decimal values for video pixels
  • Timecode - SMPTE timecode display
  • Freeze and Compare - Grab a frame and compare fields, A/B or dissolve
  • Frame Grab/UI Grab - Save as .yuv, .v210 or .jpg

Compatible Hardware

  • AJA U-Tap, Kona and Corvid
  • BlueFish444 Epoch Supernova, Epoch Neutron, Kronos
  • Blackmagic UltraScope PCIe, Pocket UltraScope USB 3, HyperDeck, Cinema Camera, Terenex
  • Blackmagic Mini Recorder, Intensity, DeckLink and UltraStudio
  • Inogeni, Magwell, AverMedia, Winnov, Epiphan, Hauppauge, Elgato, etc

Trying And Buying

sdiScope is available for trial on Windows 32/64 or macOS.  Download the software below and request a trial key to fully test the software.

Download sdiScope/hdmiScope:

Mac LogoDownload sdiScope for OS-X

Supports all hardware with os-x drivers, 10.8 and greater

Win LogoDownload sdiScope for Windows

Supports all hardware on windows 7/10 32 and 64

Win LogoDownload sdiScope for Windows 64

Supports all hardware on windows 7/10 64 only.  Does not support UltraScope hardware.


sdiScope/hdmiScope is available for $149.00 US, but is currently on sale at $99.00 US for a limited time.