Open Source Add Ons

Drastic Technologies software does not contain any open source software, but can and does make use of some open source software to enhance its operation and add features such as WebM, Mkv, DNxHD, ProRes, and AVCi. For most products, this requires a separate install provided below, but for non encoding products like DrasticPreview and DrasticPreview Pro, LGPL DLLs are also included in the installer. In either case, full source for the modules is provided here. These open source software packages are used and tested by Drastic Technologies, but cannot be directly supported as Drastic software. Users interested in enhanced versions of the LGPL modules are welcome to build their own and replace the shipped binaries, per LGPL.
These packages can be used with MediaReactor, MediaReactor Workstation, MediaNXS and DrasticDDR.

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FFMpeg -

FFMpeg (and FFMBC) are open source GPL/LGPL projects that include file readers, writers and audio/video codecs as a series of shared libraries, and executable allowing for command line playback and translations. FFMpeg lends DNxHD, AVCi, ProRes (Proxy, LT, 422, HQ and 444), and WebM to Drastic's already huge stable of professional codecs. Professional DNxHD and AVCi codec can also be licensed from Avid and Panasonic for mission critical use. The links below go to Windows 32 and Windows 64 bit installers that will add the DLLs and EXEs for Windows. For Windows 7/8 x64, please install both 32 and 64 bit installers.

For Version 6 - FFMpeg 3.3 LGPL Windows 32 Installer
For Version 5 - FFMpeg 2.6 LGPL Windows 32 Installer

Source Code 3.3
Source Code 2.4

For Version 6 - FFMpeg 3.3 LGPL Windows 64 Installer
For Version 5 - FFMpeg 2.6 LGPL Windows 64 Installer

Source Code 3.3
Source Code 2.4


QT 5 - open source version, full source used to compile dlls, dylibs, so, etc

Download the QT 5 Source

AC-3 Decoding

AC3Filter - open source project on

Download the installer

AC3Filter Project Page

Extended Processor Support

Drastic Technologies uses enhanced intel primitives to build some of its codec and processing code. All the modern processor libraries are shipped with MediaReactor, MediaNXS, DrasticDDR and our other software. Most Drastic Technologies software can also run on older processors, but to get the best performance you will need to add the processor specific primitive libraries. Installers are available for Drastic Technologies' supported production platforms.

Windows 32 Installer

Intel libraries, source not available.

Windows 64 Installer

Intel libraries, source not available.

OS-X 32/64 Installer

Intel libraries, source not available.

Linux 64 Installer

Intel libraries, source not available.

Direct Show Native Wrapper

Not used, but could be used in conjunction with the win32 version by the end user

Source Code

LGPL license text
GPL license text